Mini Sessions

Mini Sessions

Level: 1+
Skill level: Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced
Prerequisite: None*
Duration: 2 hours
Next Session Starts: Within the next 3 weeks - Join the Mini Sessions Facebook Group for details.

Mini Sessions are small-group DJ lessons, each one featuring a different skill or technique. Each 2-hour lesson will consist of an explanation and demonstration of the session's topic to the group, followed by students learning hands-on in pairs. Maximum group size is 6 students per instructor and two students per DJ booth. Students will be grouped by skill level.

Mini Sessions are held on Saturdays or Sundays between 1-5pm (dates vary)

Scheduling is very flexible! Students can attend any sessions they wish, but do not have to take them concurrently. Topics will be on rotation so missing one is not an issue, and skipping those that are not of interest is no problem either.


Each session will feature one of the following topics (on rotation - more topics added regularly):

Newbie DJ Lesson


Full EQ mixing
Basic effects
Introduction to beatmatching

Four-deck mixing

Custom programming available upon demand

*Students must complete the First-timers and Beginners mini sessions before joining the Intermediate and Advanced classes