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Club DJ Certificate Program

This could be you Djing in a big club!

Level: 1
Skill level: Beginner & Intermediate
Prerequisite: None
Duration: 10 weeks (30 hours)

The Club DJ Program is intended for students who wish to develop an individual style and who aim to play in clubs, bars, or other venues where underground music knowledge and/or skilled mixing techniques are an asset.

Course content:

  Theory Practice
Week 0 Info Session Social/Jam Session
Week 1 Hardware/Software Overview Carl Cox vs David Morales
Week 2 Music Mechanics | Mixing Theory Sound System Essentials
Week 3 Components of Sound Mixing: Just the Bass
Week 4 Phrasing Mixing: Full EQ
Week 5 Music Genres Mixing: Looping
Week 6 Online Music Resources Effects
Week 7
Facebook DJ Page
Week 8 Beatmatching Theory/Demo Jam Session
Week 9 History of DJing Beatmatching
Week 10 Next Steps DJ Comp
Exam Exam

Students who complete this course will have the ability to perform in front of a crowd and have a concrete strategy for achieving their goals as a DJ.

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