How to join the Academy

Audition - Direct entry to upper levels

Audition - Direct entry to upper levels

Intermediate DJs who would like to join the Academy and be admitted directly into Level 2 must pass an entrance exam and audition to demonstrate that they have a solid command of fundamental DJ skills.

The Audition will be 30 minutes in duration, and applicants will be tested on any number of the following skills using Capital DJ Academy music:

  • Basic Beatmatching
  • Use of full EQ for transitions
  • Matching mixing style to intensity of music
  • Using loops to mix short intros
  • Phrasing
  • Effects
  • General style

The written exam will contain multiple choice, short answer, and diagrams on the following subjects:

  • Structure and patterns in music
  • Components of sound (EQ)
  • Music Genres
  • Sound system set-up
  • Hardware functions
  • Mixing best practices

Students who demonstrate a solid command of the skills and knowledge in the audition and exam will be eligible for upper-level programs. Those who are lacking in certain areas will qualify for private tutoring where they can touch up their skills to be admitted directly into upper levels. Students who fail too many aspects of this audition will be required to take the DJ Essentials course.

The equipment available for use in the audition will be a Traktor S2/S4, 2x Pioneer XDJ1000 & NI Z2 mixer, or students can bring in the equipment of their choice (upon approval of the Academy).

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